Google BERT update changes: How it affects you

How Google BERT Changes SEO

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When Google releases a new algorithm they describe as "one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of search", SEOs pay attention. Good SEO consultants and their clients will want to know how these changes will impact SEO strategy, and if there are any actions that can be taken to improve rankings under the [...]

Spend Less, Make More: Your Guide to a Lean Startup Marketing Plan

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You’ve got a great business, but there’s one major problem that’s keeping you up at night. You know your marketing strategy is not up to par. You know your lead acquisition isn’t great, your existing conversion campaigns are a little lackluster, and that potential customers are slipping through your fingers every day as they choose [...]

Financial Services & FinTech Digital Marketing: Expert Advice

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Readying your fintech marketing strategy and feeling like you'll never have the time to do it all? We hear you. Here's the real-real. Financial services and FinTech exist in a notoriously difficult niche for digital marketing. Established businesses - like mega-banks and Silicon Valley-funded FinTech unicorns - outspend the competition across almost every distribution channel. [...]

How to Get Traction With Do It Yourself SEO

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"Can I do SEO myself?" I was speaking with my friend Kal, a SaaS startup founder, who was interesting in boosting his marketing efforts using search engine optimization after reading about it online. He read several blogs on DIY SEO for startups, doing a good bit of research on do-it-yourself SEO to help his website [...]

PPC Management for Start-ups: 10 Easy Wins

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Search engine marketing, or SEM, can be daunting if you’ve never worked on a campaign before. And even after getting some experience, you might still feel lost and confused. What should you do to optimize Google Search? How can you improve performance for Bing Ads? Luckily, there are a few quick wins that any start-up [...]

SEO for Financial Services: How to get Google clicks at a 97% discount

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If you’re a fintech or financial services business, you’re probably accustomed to paying thousands of dollars a month buying traffic from Google AdWords. A single click on a one of the top keywords for financial advisors and related businesses can cost anywhere from a few dollars to well over $100. Now imagine you could get [...]

Introducing Mark, Strategic and Operationally Driven Consultant!

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Employee Spotlight At CanIRank, we are extremely proud of our team and their diverse backgrounds and talents. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Mark Lewandowski. As a strategic and operationally driven consultant, Mark delivers results for his clients. Plus, he’s always making us laugh and his personality is pretty contagious. So with no further [...]

How to Pitch Journalists Like a PR Pro

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Do you wish the press would cover your business? Getting featured on a major news site or established blog can be a huge boon: not only helping to grow your brand but also gaining potential customers. Let’s face it, reaching out to the press can be intimidating. You may not know what to say or [...]

5 Easy Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic From Social Media for eCommerce

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Website traffic is one of the most valuable resources you can use to gain prospects, repeat customers, and validate your website's content/presence. Imagine your website or landing page as a brick and mortar store; for you to gain sales, you'll need to drive some foot traffic your way. The "build it, and it will come" [...]

Introducing Cassandra, Content Marketer Specializing in Financial Services

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Employee Spotlight Introducing Cassandra, our email marketing enthusiast and content savvy consultant. When Cassandra isn’t improving email campaigns results dramatically, you can find her cheerfully getting things done. Problems? Get Cassandra, she’s got you. About Cassandra: Cassandra is a CanIRank Full Service Content Specialist and has spent her career working [...]

How to Write and Publish an SEO Press Release

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In an era where marketing professionals and PR specialists are increasingly expected to maximize the impact of every minute of their time, the benefits of a multi-purpose SEO press release are myriad. While press releases and SEO might seem like they’re at odds with each other, when executed well, the goals of each can be [...]

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